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MYOB recently launched a new online accounting solution called LiveAccounts™. Designed for sole traders, smaller businesses and those just starting out, LiveAccounts™ is an easy to use solution for creating invoices, tracking expenses and managing GST online.

Using LiveAccounts™ you can:

  • access your accounts anytime, anywhere
  • link your bank and credit card accounts to save time on data entry
  • forget about installing updates and backups — MYOB takes care of that
  • give others access (including us) to help with your accounts
  • We've looked at LiveAccounts™ and for just $25 per month (incl GST) we think it's a great solution for smaller businesses.

If you would like to know more or take a free 30 day trial, visit the LiveAccounts™ website at or contact our office.

The smarter way to manage your multi-user business, payroll and time billing requirements

Get started fast

Be up and running in minutes with the Easy Setup Assistant. Start recording transactions without knowledge of accounting concepts and principles. Quickly learn how to process transactions or tasks with the in-built step-by-step guide.

Multi-user access

Get simultaneous access to accounts for up to three users on a network.

Operate in foreign currencies

Record transactions in multiple currencies to simplify import/export processes. Track exchange rate gains and losses.

Manage employee payroll

Easily process weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay runs and email pay slips to staff. Import timesheets to produce a pay run and preview employee pays before processing. Quickly generate reports on PAYG withholdings, superannuation, leave deductions, allowances and bonuses.

Bill by time

Track the details of each job, including non-hourly services and expenses. Know exactly how profitable each job is and every task performed.

Calculate GST and prepare BAS easily

Quickly locate records and recurring transactions with AccountRight Premier enables you to efficiently process your accounting and BAS requirements and easily manage State payroll tax.

Quickly report on sales, profit and more

The Business Insights Dashboard shows how your business is performing at a glance.

Easy inventory management

Know exactly what’s in stock and on order. Email sales, purchases and remittance advices to customers and suppliers. Easily reconcile inventory balances at any time. Utilise full manufacturing build, back-ordering capabilities and set up to six pricing levels. Print pricelists and packing slips and import items from Microsoft Excel. Buy and sell in different units and automatically back-order and buy stock.

Manage jobs, customers and suppliers

Easily provide your suppliers with itemised remittance advices and customers with quotes, invoices and statements. Monitor what is owed to suppliers and when payments are due.

Transaction management

Pinpoint transaction details with ease. View transactions by account number and tax code to assist with reconciliation. Set specific Lock Periods by date to perform reconciliations weekly.

Undo bank reconciliation

Make corrections to data by undoing the last bank reconciliation performed on an account. Password protection ensures reconciliations are not undone in error.

Access contact information instantly

Store and search all contact information within the Card File. Import and export contact logs and customer lists. Synchronise Card File with Microsoft Outlook.

Streamline your business with MYOB M-Powered Services*

Simplify bank reconciliations, tax payments and invoicing with M-Powered Services. Add convenient payment options to your invoices including BPAY®. Pay suppliers electronically. Manage short-term tax obligations. Receive electronic bank statements and automatically reconcile accounts.

Benefit from powerful accounting functionality including inventory and payroll management, as well as advanced reporting features. Easily meet your needs with industry-specific editions and fast multi-user access.


Easy to set up and use: Get your business up and running within minutes. Benefit from key functions being accessible within two clicks from the home page.

Share data:
Includes 5 licences, meaning multiple users can work on a company file simultaneously. Smart security features make it easy to restrict access to confidential financial information.


Tailored to your industry:
6 industry specific editions and 21 Chart of Accounts mean you have access to specialised features to suit your business.
Real-time BAS lodgement:
Make submission time faster with the SBR™ enabled online platform, Reckon GovConnect. Benefit from pre-filled forms, validation and real-time feedback
Record, track and account for foreign transactions regardless of the currency used.

Superior functionality

Payroll & employee management:
Record detailed employee information, easily perform payroll tasks, such as time entry, scheduled payments and emailing pay slips. Regular updates help you remain compliant. Time billing & job costing: Track your employees time and use job costing to determine projects are profitable or not.
Manage inventory:
Track your inventory movements and costs, including different units of measure where required.

Monitor performance

Company Snapshot:
View a graphical display of your key business metrics that you can customise to improve decision making.
More than 100 reports:
Benefit from advanced, customisable reports to help better manage your business and select any field to see more detail.

Reckon Accounts Home & Business, previously known as Quicken®, is an ideal solution for combining your personal, investment and business finances to get a complete picture of your financial wealth.

Main features:

  • Create invoices and estimates
  • Generate BAS reports
  • GST tracking & reporting
  • Organise your finances
  • Budgeting & analysis tools
  • Manage home inventory
  • Track bank accounts and bills
  • Monitor and manage investments

Maximise your investments

Monitor personal and business investments including share ownership, property investments and superannuation. Download share prices from the ASX and NZX with one click. Optimise stock investments with Reckon Tools E*TRADE^ integration and Reckon Tools Hubb Investor^^ software. Download your portfolio & trading history, and access feature rich analysis.

Home inventory manager helps you keep an organised record of all your possessions. You can save scanned copies of receipts, photographs, warranties and appraisals to make processing potential insurance claims smoother.

Microsoft Money Converter makes it easy to upgrade your discontinued MS Money data to Reckon Accounts.

Plan for the future

Scenario analysis tools and charts help you make decisions about changing spending habits.

Long term savings goals are easier to reach using the term deposit tool.

Manage your finances

The Personal Centre captures all your financial information so you can easily get a picture of your financial health at any time. Track bank accounts, credit cards, regular transactions and loans to help stay on top of expenses.

The Cash Flow graph helps you obtain a clear idea of funds coming in and going out.

The Net Worth Movement Report offers a clear comparison of closing balances between any given dates you specify. Compare overall net worth and specific areas such as investments or expenses. An easy way to see if you are achieving your goals.

ASIC’s MoneySmart Calculators are easy to access. Use the Budget Planner, Retirement Planner, Credit Card Calculator, Superannuation calculator, First Home Saver calculator and more to help reduce your debt and save for the future.

Professional business tools

The Business Centre provides a snapshot of your business performance and helps you track GST and prepare BAS reports.

Profit/Loss updates as each transaction is entered.

Create customisable estimates and invoices to send to your customers and present a professional image.

Income tax thresholds help you accurately assess your tax position and prepare your annual tax return.