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Phone: 1300 DOLLARS (3655277)
12 Wedge Street Werribee


We believe in the importance of entrepreneurialism. We work with entrepreneurs who are time poor, concerned about the future and don't understand many of the financial aspects of their lives. To ensure they are rewarded for their efforts - the plan is to put in place clear strategies that keep them informed of the actions needed to reach their objectives and help them make smart decisions.

We will help you to formulate detailed personal plans to achieve financial independence before you retire by working out how much income you will need and how much is required to generate that income. We will help you to get the maximum benefit out of your superannuation and also formulate a properly balanced investment portfolio.

Whether you are in retail, manufacturing or a professional; you need results. We will review you business structure (e.g. company, trust, partnership) to ensure that it meets your current needs We offer reliable and timely business consulting services through experienced professionals. Plus we'll give you a plan to increase your profits and have better cash flow.

We will review your protection and estate planning to ensure your business plans compliment your estate plan. We will formulate a plan so that you have sufficient funds available to meet all financial commitments so that the business would be able to continue in the event of death, disablement or retirement of any key people. Steps will be formulated to make sure your family assets are protected from creditors in the event of an unexpected severe business downturn.

We can provide you with accurate, practical and business specific advice that is up-to-date with the latest taxation rulings. Bringing the best consulting services to you: We are committed to leading you to securing the best possible results.

We can help with regular monthly cash flow projections, annual regular cash flow budgets and analysis . We can quantify exactly how tax can impact on your profitability and cash flow.

We will help you to manage and minimise the risks associated with your business and personal life. We will help you to ensure proper protection plans are in place to help you go through any unforeseen difficult situations. We can help you formulate succession planning strategies that add greater value to you and your associates.

We can help you to put a pricing system in place with cost effective inventory control procedures. We will show you the quoting methods that comply with statutory requirements and offer maximum legal protection. We can show you some seriously successful business development tools to help grow your enterprise.

We can help you effectively manage your tax reporting responsibilities by evaluating and monitoring your business information systems. We can also help with tax structuring, salary packaging and management programs for greater productivity. We will help you to minimise the effect of capital gains tax on your business and personal estate.